About Us


  • 2005

    Sichuan Argalbio

  • 2008

    Acquisition of Sichuan Hengkang Technology Development Co., Ltd.

  • 2018

    →Signed with chengdu-guang’an pharmaceutical Industrial Park, acquisitioned 34,000 ㎡land to build a new production base.
    Sichuan yiweixin Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. was registered in June of the same year;

  • 2019

    Chengdu International Biological city was signed at the end of the year.

  • 2020

    R&D center moved to bio-town Chengdu

  • 2021

    Acquisitioned a land in Zone B of Specialized Special park in Lanzhou,Registered as Sichuan Argalbio pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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Add:#90,Group 17,MIaole village,Shou’an street, Pujiang county, Chengdu, Sichuan, China.
Tel: +86-28-88679666 
Mob: +86-18980427282
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Email: hk999@hengkangtech.com 


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